MBA Municipal Management

 Practical-oriented academic qualification in local politics, administration, law, economy, management

This three semester higher education program between conducted solely by CA Institute offers an exceptional opportunity for ocal councilors, district councilors, city councilors, mayors; officers, leaders, project leaders and officials from cities, communities and districts with an interest in responsible functions, executives and servants of municipal enterprises and local charitable organizations.

The professional MBA “Municipal Management: Administration, Law, and Economics for Cities and Municipalities” offers a practice-oriented and student-oriented education tailored to suit the municipal sector. The aim is to stay abreast of the dynamic social and economic changes with which the cities and municipalities are confronted, both nationally and pan-European. This tailor-made master program was specifically developed for increasing interconnected areas of practice. The career fields are embedded in the responsible, sustainable and citizen-friendly policies as well as in an effective and efficient municipal administration. Career fields are furthermore in the area of the subsidiaries which do provide services of general interest, too. Requests like tight budgets, competition, demographic changes, transparency, intergenerational justice and proximity to citizens, climate change and environmental standards, higher demands on security and quality and last but not least the EU-policies need a rethinking of politics and administration. Municipalities are required to accelerate their efforts to change and adjust sustainable solutions.

These challenges open up opportunities for local authorities and quasi-public companies, meaning they take part in development or reorganisations of new frameworks and structures. The degree program provides administrative, ADMernmental, legal, economic and social skills and supports the transformation towards a modern, efficient and sustainable administration management. People working in the municipal sector face massive challenges and the need arises for higher, interdisciplinary education to address these concerns. Local politicians, officers, executives and high potentials are expected to administrate, develop and manage their authorities, organisations and companies in an agile and strategic manner within the context of EU- and national law. Thus, they form the special target group for the professional MBA. The MBA is also designed to raise the cooperation between the local politics, administration offices and local subsidiaries. It strengthens the graduates´ career options.

 The graduates of the MBA Municipal Management: Administration, Law, Economics for Cities and Municipalities are able to combine technical know-how in administrative, politic, legal and scientific fields with social and practical skills and obtain the competence to act responsible. The graduates seize their competencies to develop interdisciplinary and sustainable solutions for their employers and offices in the municipal sector. Experienced teachers from the practice and science prepare the participants for leading positions in the public sector.

At CA Institute we treat each student as an individual rather than a number. Your success is key to our program.

All the know-how to act responsibly within your own municipality


Taught in Czech and English

Designed especially for you to become a top future professional

This three semester program centers on three main goals:

  • Practical-oriented academic qualification in local politics, administration, law, economy, management
  • Establishing of a module-based, bologna-compliant, academic, for the municipal area tailor-made training track.
  • Making a significant contribution to professional, problem-solving, citizen-friendly, environmentally friendly, cost-conscious, transparent and generally sustainable design, management, implementation municipal tasks.

 About the Course

This is a practical-oriented academic qualification in local politics, administration, law, economy,  and management.

It is a module-based, bologna-compliant, academic, for the municipal area tailor-made training track. The course will make a significant contribution to professional, problem-solving, citizen-friendly, environmentally friendly, cost-conscious, transparent and generally sustainable design, management, implementation municipal tasks.

Students in this program gain interdisciplinary, analytical expertise, methods and methods management competence, negotiation skills, social and organizational skills, communication skills, in particular for citizen-friendly and efficient work in regions and municipalities.


The MBA Municipal Management covers the following over three part-time semesters in Brno  for a total of 90 ECTS units:

Program Details


  • English and an additional language of your choice
  • Communication Skills

Semester 1: Basic Skills

Basic Module Municipal Administration

  • Municipal Administration: Institutions, Tasks , Services of General Interest and Areas of Practice (Czech)
  • Control: Courts, Audit Courts, Supervisors, Internal Audit (Czech)
  • Democracy: Local Elections, Participation Processes and Citizen Service (Czech)

Basic Module Municipal Economy

  • Economics, Socioeconomics and Value Creation (English)
  • Public Finance and Taxes (English)
  • External Accounting: Accounting and Balancing (English)

Basic Module Law for Municipalities

  • EU and Constitutional Law for Cities and Municipalities (Czech)
  • State and Regional Administrative Law (Czech)

Basic Module Social Competences

  • Role Safety: Role, Function and Position (English)
  • Communication with Citizens and in Committees: Interviewing, Moderation and Presentation (English)
  • Group Dynamics: Group, Team, Organization, Conflict (English)
  • Management (English)

Basic Module Methods and Reflection

  • Knowledge Management and Scientific Work (English)
  • Project Management Basic (for certification) (English)

Semester 2: Advanced Skills

Advanced Module Municipal Administration

  • Subsidiarity and Inter-communal Cooperation (English)
  • (EU) Funding and Aid (English)
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Services (English)

Advanced Module Municipal Economy

  • Internal Accounting: Cost and Performance Accounting, Controlling (Czech)
  • Private Financing: Capital Markets, Public Private Partnership, Crowd Funding(English)
  • Procurement and Internal Settlement (English)

Development Module Law for Municipalities

  • Private Law and Contract Design (Czech)
  • Compliance: Anti -Corruption Law, Data Protection, Official and Organ Liability (Czech)

Advanced Module Social Competences

  • Negotiation and Negotiation Techniques (English)
  • Public Relations and Media Competence (English)

Advanced Module Methods and Reflection

  • Scientific Work and Statistics
  • Project Management Advanced (for certification)

Semester 2: Specialization

Specialization Municipal Administration

  • Location Development and local marketing (English)
  • Digital Administration: e-Citizen Services, Cyber Security, Data Protection (Czech)
  • International Cooperation (English)

Specialization Module Municipal Economy

  • Agile and Strategic Management (English)
  • Change Management (English)
  • Human Resoures Management (English)
  • Managing Municipal Companies and Associations:Services of General Interest and Supervision (English)

Specialization Module Law for Municipalities

  • Associations and Community Life (English)

Specialization Module Social Competences

  • Leadership in the Local Political Context (English)

Specialization Module Methods and Reflection

  • Scientific Thesis: Master Thesis (English)
  • Reflection (English)

Course Duration:

  • 3 Part-time Semesters
  • 90 ECTS


  • Bachelor degree
  • 3 years of professional experience
  • Euroexam B2

Tuition Includes:

  • Assistance with finding permanent accommodation during the course
  • Complete access to CA Institute facilities
  • Visa assistance (CA Institute cannot provide student visas, but can assist with the process)

Tuition DOES NOT Include:

  • Course materials
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel to and from the course
  • Airport pickup
  • Medical Insurance (CA Institute can recommend medical insurance)
  • Work permits, permanent residency and long term visas

Tuition for 2019/2020

Full Tuition

Full fees including certificates and transfers

110,000 CZK