Bachelor in Business and Marketing

 Top 5 Bachelor Program

This 3 year higher education joint program between CA Institute and IDRAC Business School offer an exceptional opportunity for both Czech & international students to enroll for a top-notch recognized bachelor degree right here in Brno, Czech Republic or even online.

We treat each student as an individual rather than a number. Your success is key to our program.

Recognized Degree


Fully Taught in English

Only top students are accepted

After more than 30 years as a top marketing executive in the sports sector (Babolat Tennis Rackets & Equipment, Monaco F1 Grand Prix, Gerflor Sports Flooring) in France, then in the USA and Monaco, Didier Ailloud decided in 2008 to launch his own consulting firm.

In addition, he wished to share his experiences in Strategic and International Marketing or Communication with the new generations and he started teaching in 2010 at IDRAC.

“I love teaching, it’s a unique human and sharing experience… I learn as much from students as they learn from me! At IDRAC, we are building together the world of tomorrow.”

Didier Ailloud


 About the Course

The Bachelor in Business and Marketing will set you off in the right career path. We boast a successful record of gauranteed work upon graduation. The Bachelor program gives you the tools to communicate affectively on a global context. You will get real-life training for the global market.

The Bachelor in Business and Marketing covers the following over four semesters in Brno and two semesters in France and counts for a total of 180 ECTS units:

Freshman Year


  • English and an additional language of your choice
  • Communication Skills

Cultures and Civilizations

  • Introduction to Political Sciences
  • Geopolitics: Risks and opportunities
  • Companies – Success Stories

Sales, Trade and Negotiation

  • Customer Knowledge and Acquisition
  • Retailing and Merchandising
  • Sales Technique
  • Sales Efficiency Tools
  • Sales Case Study


  • Marketing: Processes and Environment
  • Market Analysis (Report)
  • Market Research


  • Personal Coaching
  • HEP: Body Intelligence
  • Business English (Writing)
  • Personal Branding

Project Management

  • Project Management

Economics and Law

  • French Corporate Legal Environment
  • Principles of Economics


  • Principles of Accounting 1
  • Principles of Accounting 2


  • Microsoft Academy

Reports and Professional Activities

  • A Day With…
  • Business Game
  • Business Challenge (IBC)
  • Sales Activity Report
  • CID

Sophomore Year


  • Business English

Cultures and Civilisations

  • Social Aspects of the Czech Republic
  • Geopolitics of Conflicts
  • History of Religions

Sales, Trade and Negotiation

  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Techniques of International Trade
  • Business Culture of the Czech Republic


  • Designing a Commercial Offer
  • Communicating Customer Value
  • International Marketing
  • International Marketing (Report)
  • Sales Metrics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Case Study


  • Dynamic Interaction
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Module HEP: Understanding and Thinking Differently

Project Management

  • Project Management (Local Association)

Economics and Law


  • Cost Accounting

Reports and Professional Activities

  • Business Game
  • International Business Challenge
  • Marketing Activity Report
  • CID
  • TOEIC Exam

Course Duration:

122 ECTS

Tuition Includes:

  • Assistance with finding permanent accommodation during the course
  • Complete access to CA Institute facilities
  • Visa assistance (CA Institute cannot provide student visas, but can assist with the process)

Tuition DOES NOT Include:

  • Course materials
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel to and from the course
  • Airport pickup
  • Medical Insurance (CA Institute can recommend medical insurance)
  • Work permits, permanent residency and long term visas

Tuition for 2022/2023


Courses offered both online and face-to-face

92,6570 CZK