Since 1997

CA Institute was first known as California School of Business and Practical English. It all started when the Founding Director, Erik Dostal, came to Czechoslovakia in 1988 with his father Zdenek Dostal. As a first generation American raised in Southern California, Erik Dostal had an advantage – language. Through language he set up the roots of what is now a private continuing education institute with programs that include language education and development, teacher training, MBA programs, Bachelor Programs, language assessment centers, football training, and medical programs. CA Institute made global partners with top educational institutions over the years and hosted international conferences, symposia and workshops. CA Institute also takes part in international events.

CA Institute is growing every day and is keeping up with technology and innovation so that students worldwide can follow the founder’s vision to be able to communicate effectively and be globally productive citizens.


  • California School of Business & Practical English is established by Erik Dostal. First classes start in a small office space in Lužánky.
  • Work continues throughout Europe and Africa. Development of courses and English for advertising.
  • Partners with local schools and businesses to provide English training.


  •  California School of Business & Practical English goes through a series of bureaucratic hurdles in setting up the company. This continues to 2004.
  • Begins teacher training courses.


  • California School of Business & Practical English starts cooperation with the The University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences and offers English courses full time there.
  • Development and further teacher training at Humboldt State University,  California.
  • English programs begin at Eureka High School, California. 


  • California School of Business & Practical English becomes CA School. Gets new location on Údolní right in the center of the city.
  • Company English courses start outside of the city.
  • First immersion courses and excursions to Roses, Spain


  • CA School opens new courses and services to include an array of languages, translations, interpretations and excursions.
  • Summer language camps
  • Sporting programs


  • CA School focusses on courses in Roses which includes lessons in Catala.
  • Czech for foreigners
  • Work and development in Prague
  • Expansion to include training teachers at Masaryk University


  • CA School continues to provide language training in Brno while at the same time starts courses in Tours in France.
  • CA School teams up with Oxford University. Project begins in Oxford.


  • CA School opens partnerships in South America. Courses are provided in Brno and briefly in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Costa Rica.


  • CA School finally gets through all bureaucratic hurdles and full foundations are set.
  • Work continues with projects in Africa and South America.
  • First website is formed with Roman Klat.


  • CA School provides first summer camps in Bilovice nad Svitavou.
  • New courses are formed for Aviation English
  • New programs are started for Ceska Miss
  • CA School continues its partnership with Masaryk University and teaches professors English


  • English courses continues to expand with summer programs in Jesiniky.
  • CA School begins to provide consultancy to Ministry of Education
  • CA School becomes AJŠA accredited and turns down ACERT
  • CA School opens new location with 4 Classrooms, garage parking and accommodation for students.


  • CA School opens English kindergarten while continuing with adult courses.
  • Business courses expand throughout the Czech Republic and Austria.


  • CA School provides more excursions in English throughout Europe and California.
  • CA School develops more universtity  partnerships throughout Europe.
  • CA School enters into agency partnerships for international student exchanges.


  • CA School becomes CA School & Experiences to acquire more business in the international travel industry. 
  • CA School & Experiences sets up accommodations, Visa assistance, and government approvals for courses.


  • CA School & Experiences partners with the University of Chicago to offer  TEFL teacher training certification courses.
  • A branch office is opened called TEFL Institute Czech Republic and a book on teaching languages is authored by Erik Dostal and published by TEFL Institute Czech Republic.
  • CA School & Experiences organizes summer trip on Route 66 with stakeholders. A book called, Route 66 Itinerary, was written and a Route 66 Slideshow was published.


  • CA School & Experiences is a finalist for Small Business of the Year for Southern Moravia.
  • CA School & Experiences hosts first teacher conferences and workshops.
  • Acts as benchmark for academic accrediting bodies. Translated manuals and trains inspectors.


  • CA School & Experiences moves to a newly refurbished historic building on Marešova.
  • CA School & Experiences becomes CA School & Experiences | TEFL Institute Czech Republic


  • CA School & Experiences changes its name to CA Institute of Languages and becomes an offsite campus for IDRAC Business School in France.
  • CA Institute of Languages is a finalist for Small Business of the Year for a second time.
  • CA Institute of Languages becomes an EAQUALS accredited member school.
  • CA Institute of Languages expands to include 6 classrooms within its own space, offices, 2 lounges, computer rooms, a staff room, common area and new accommodation for international students.
  • CA Institute’s partnership with Masaryk University grows and are granted space at the Faculty of Soicial Sciences.


  • CA Institute of Languages forms partnerships with the British Council, Langlion, Language International, Cork English College.
  • CA Institute of Languages publishes three books: TEFL Students Book, TEFL Workbook, TEFL Practicum Guide authored by Erik Dostal and Nicole Schwab
  • Continues to meet all international standards and passes inspections.
  • Team passes annual reviews and assessments.


  • CA Institute of Languages forms partnerships with Experience English, Manchester City Football, FC Zbrojovka Brno and begins work on English and soccer programs.
  • CA Institute of Languages presents in Warsaw, Poland
  • CA Institute of Langauges provides TOEIC & TOEFL Jr. via ETS Global


  • CA Institute of Languages hosts the International Language Symposium Brno (ILSB17) at Hotel International in Brno. Headline Plenary: Dr. Stephen Krashen
  • Introduces roundtable debates with questions and answers.
  • International Language Symposium Brno The Book of Papers is published and edited by James Thomas
  • Erik Dostal establishes ELD Consultancy & CPD Ltd., a consultancy firm to work alongside CA Institute of Languages. CA Institute of Languages expands to include courses outside of language education ranging from Business, Economics, Marketing,  and Political Sciences.
  • CA Institute of Languages becomes CA Institute
  • MoU with NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) was signed and projects started with providing teacher training to all state school teachers in the South Moravian District. We also started a partnership with all CPD including online programs and MA TESOL.
  • CA Institute gets ERASMUS+


  • CA Institute hosts a a multitude of gallery exhibitions including Doubletake
  • CA Institute becomes central site in the Czech Republic for Euroexam
  • CA Institute is presents at an Eaquals International Conference “Happy Staff, Happy Life” a controversial talk on Eaquals members and the entire EAQUALS biassed organization.
  • CA Institute starts IDRAC MBA program called New Business Models
  • CA Institute and Didot Press publish Erik Dostal’s The Language Teacher’s Golden Companion


  • CA Institute and Masaryk University Co-hosts the biennial International Language Symposium Brno (ILSB19).
  • CA Institute introduces TEFL/TESOL 180 program to South America and sells out The Language Teacher’s Golden Companion as it becomes the main textbook used in 8 universities.
  • CA Institute begins collaboration with Releaf Social Enterprise and courses and begins in areas like Medical Cannabis for Physicians, CBD for athletes and the Business of Medical Cannabis.
  • New sports programs are formed for Soccer and tennis.
  • CA Institute opens its doors for daily viewings of its gallery.



  • CA Institute franchises its TEFL/TESOL 180 program in Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, Mexico, and the USA.
  • CA Institute offers new programs in Real Life Sciences, Photography and Yoga
  • Covid-19 brings on new challenges with more online programs and teaching. Face to face classes continue.
  • IDRAC Bachelor program expands as well as our IDRAC MBA.


  • CA Institute franchises its TEFL/TESOL 180 program in Ghana and South Africa.
  • CA Institute welcomes 25 IDRAC Bachelor students.
  • Becomes private school of the year for adult learning and continual development.


  • CA Institute franchises its TEFL/TESOL 180 programs in Egypt and Australia
  • CA Institute introduces full bachelor programs together with IDRAC


  • CA Institute franchises its TEFL/TESOL 180 programs the USA, South Africa India, Ghana, Mexico, and Canada
  • CA Institute opens a new campus in Costa Mesa, California.