Online International TEFL/TESOL 180 & Continual Professional Development in Teacher Training 

Each workshop is online via Zoom or can be face-to-face and is led by an internationally recognized instructor.

Each student receives study material in the form of a PDF, tasks, quizzes, feedback, and a certificate upon completion. These workshops  are interactive  and participants have the opportunity to communicate with other teachers worldwide.  If the teacher completes all 12 modules, they get a TEFL/TESOL 180 Certificate which allows them to teach anywhere around the world.

Each workshop is 2 hours in duration. 

There are a total of 12 online or face-to-face workshops.

As soon as I walked into CA Institute, I immediately felt like I was making the right decision. Everyone was incredibly supportive, helpful and beyond knowledgeable on the subject.  The TEFL/TESOL 180 teacher training certification course helped me grow professionally and personally. My favourite part of the course was the practical approach to teaching and the practicum. The number of practice teaching hours for each participating trainee set this course apart from other similar certificate courses. I am a hands-on learner and this allowed me to gain the experience and knowledge I needed to boost my confidence. It made me feel extremely comfortable with EFL students of all ages and levels. The daily feedback of my peers and teachers helped me advance rapidly. From day one, I felt as though I was absorbing information that was going to benefit me in the future as an ESL teacher … and I was! I am currently living in Brno and teaching ESL, mainly young learners at CA Institute. I still use what I learned in our TEFL course almost daily in my classroom. This course was definitely a great idea and I highly recommend it! 

Nicole Masaryk

Freelance English Teacher

Workshop 1: Introduction to Language Teaching

  • The Field of ELT
  • Learning Styles or What is No Longer
    a Valid Argument for Teacher Training Courses
  • The Teacher’s Role in Students’ Development
  • European Profiling Grid (EPG)
  • Workshop 1 Test
  • Workshop 1 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 2: Teaching Methodologies

  • Intro to the Field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
  • A Brief History of Language Teaching
  • The “Designer” Approaches of the 1970s and Beyond
  • The Postmethods Era
  • Communicative Language Teaching
  • New Ideas in Language Education
  • The Psychological Learning Environment
  • Workshop 2 Test
  • Workshop 2 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 3: RPRPRPR (PPP)

  • What Learning a Language Involves
  • The First P: Presentation
  • The Second P: Practice
  • The Third P: Production
  • All the Rs: Repetition
  • RPRPRPR and Lesson Planning
  • Student levels
  • Workshop 3 Test
  • Workshop 3 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback
Workshop 4: In the Classroom
  • The Classroom: The Physical Environment
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Teacher Talking Time and Student Talking Time
  • Giving Instructions
  • Metalanguage
  • Collaboration and the Teacher’s Role
  • Workshop 4 Test
  • Workshop 4 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 5: The Formal Lesson Plan

  • Formal Lesson Planning
  • The Cover Page
  • The Procedure Section
  • Workshop 5 Test
  • Workshop 5 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 6: Teaching Tools

  • Visuals
  • Published EFL Materials
  • Online Resources
  • Games in the Classroom
  • Teaching in the Digital Age
  • Workshop 6 Test
  • Workshop 6 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

\Workshop 7: Productive Skills

  • English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) in Brief or English Varieties & Pronunciation
  • Pronunciation and Intonation
  • Developing Speaking Skills
  • Teaching Literacy
  • Developing Writing Skills
  • Workshop 7 Test
  • Workshop 7 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 8: Receptive Skills

  • Modern Principles of Receptive Skills
  • Teaching Receptive Skills
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Developing Reading Skills
  • Teaching Literature
  • Workshop 8 Test
  • Workshop 8 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 9: Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary: Presentation, Practice, and Production
  • Vocabulary Speaking Activities
  • Vocabulary Review Activities
  • Teaching Vocabulary Lesson Plan
  • Workshop 9 Test
  • Workshop 9 Task
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 10: English Grammar 

  • A Brief History of English
  • Grammar in the Classroom
  • Approaches to Teaching Grammar
  • Types of Grammar Practice: From
  • Discovery to Accuracy to Fluency
  • Workshop 10 Test
  • Workshop 10 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 11: Assessment 

  • Assessing Student Performance
  • International Standardized Tests
  • Workshop 11 Test
  • Workshop 11 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop 12: Developing as a Teacher

  • Three Great Educators
  • More about the EPG
  • The Eaquals Framework for Language Teacher Training and Development
  • Workshop 12 Tasks
  • Constructive feedback

Workshop Tuition

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Basic Tuition

Online or face-to-face 120 minutes

Includes course material in PDF


Certificate upon completion

 4,069 CZK

Full Tuition

Online or face-to-face 120 minutes

Includes course material in hard copy


Certificate upon completion

 4,769 CZK


All 12 Workshops

Online or face-to-face All

Includes course material in hard copy


TEFL/TESOL 180 Certificate upon completion

 29,995 CZK