TEFL/TESOL 180 Teacher Training

Internationally Recognized Initial Teacher training Certification Course.

100% of the teachers who passed through our program found jobs worldwide.

Welcome to CA Institute’s Teacher Training TEFL/TESOL 180-hour Certification Course. This course is also available online through a series of 12 workshops. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of teacher training possible. This philosophy is rooted in the belief that flexible schedules, affordable instruction from the best instructors, and excellent staff support from registration to certification is what leads to every students’ success.

CA Institute is an accredited institute and you can be assured that you will receive quality teacher training. With our TEFL/TESOL course you get 150 hours of coursework (face-to-face and self-study) and 30 hours of practicum where you learn techniques and gain the confidence to handle classrooms of very young learners all the way up to third agers, from A1 to C1 CEFR levels. This course offers more than a CELTA and acts as a prerequisite for our DELTA and other teacher training continual professional development courses offered through our NILE off-site campus in Brno.

Our TEFL/TESOL certification course is designed for candidates with little or no previous English language teaching experience. It is also taken by candidates with some teaching experience who have received little practical teacher training and by those who want to stay up to date with trends in the world of language teaching.

Our candidates must have English language skills equivalent to at least a B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If you do not have valid proof of your level of English, you can take an internationally recognized exam at CA Institute. The teacher training course also includes English courses for further development. Although we also suggest having a Bachelor’s degree, it is not completely necessary.

CA Institute’s Teacher Training TEFL/TESOL 180-hour Certification Course:

  • We are the authors of the textbooks used in the TEFL/TESOL certification course, The Language Teacher’s Golden Companion.
  • The teachers have over 20 years experience in EFL teaching, teacher training, materials writing, conference speaking, and managing.
  • We are situated right in the heart of Europe. Brno is the perfect location to get your teaching career started or to even continue with it. The teaching market is not as saturated as Prague or Paris or Madrid. Brno is cheaper than the major cities and home to the most universities in the country. 

Course Description:

180 total hours

150 hours – coursework

30 hours – practicum (10 hours – mentor teacher observation; 10 hours – peer teacher observation; 10 hours – practice teaching)

Theme 1: Language Learning Environments and their Contexts

  • The Field of TESOL/ELT
  • The EPG (The European Profiling Grid)
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • The Psychological Learning Environment
  • R-PPP-R and Lesson Planning
  • Student Levels CEFR (Common EuropeanFramework of Reference for Languages) and GSE (Global Scale of English)
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Boardwork

Theme 2: Language Awareness and Proficiency

  • Language of Instruction
  • Meta Language
  • History of English

Theme 3: The Language Items and Language Skills

  • How to Teach Pronunciation
  • How to Teach Grammar
  • How to Teach Vocabulary
  • How to Teach Listening and Reading
  • How to Teach Writing and Speaking

Theme 4: Planning, Assessment, and Resources

  • Using Visuals and Technology
  • Assessment Design

Theme 5: Professional Development

  • Developing as a Language Teacher – TD FRAM

Theme 5 Professional Development Online Addendum (0ptional):  in cooperation with TEFL Equity Advocates & Academy

We believe in equal professional opportunities for everyone, and that’s why we have decided to team up with TEFL Equity Advocates & Academy to offer you additional specialized on-line training that will drastically boost your chances of getting a job. You will learn how to:

  • Create a professional on-line profile that attracts recruiters’ attention
  • Write a CV and a cover letter that get you invited to the interview
  • How to prepare and really shine in the interview itself

If you’re a ‘non-native speaker, the course will also provide you with specialised training that will help you boost your employability despite the widespread preference for ‘native speakers’. You will for example learn how to:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Identify your unique strengths
  • Market yourself as a ‘non-native speaker’


The successful candidate has completed 130 coursework hours consisting of all of the assignments, quizzes, projects, tasks, and final exam/presentation at a grade of 70% or higher as well as all 30 hours of practicum in order to receive this certificate at one of the following grades:

90%-100% Grade of A – Outstanding in all course modules and displayed superior class management and practical teaching skills.

80%-89% Grade of B – Excelled in all tasks and displayed sufficient class management and practical teaching skills.

70%-79% Grade of Pass – Satisfactory performance but would benefit from additional mentoring by an experienced instructor.

An Attendee certificate is issued to candidates who have unsatisfactorily met the criteria in any or all assessed components, but was present for the entire course.

  • You can have a look at the course syllabus here

Teacher Training TEFL/TESOL Certification Course Prices

Course Duration: up to 17 weeks

Tuition Includes:

  • Job placement assistance
  • Complete access to school facilities
  • Course fee and workboo

Tuition DOES NOT Include:

  • Hard copy of the coursebook
  • Accommodation placement assistance
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel to and from the course
  • Visa, if needed (CA Institute cannot provide student visas)
  • Airport pickup
  • Medical Insurance (CA Institute can recommend medical insurance)
  • Work permits, permanent residency and long term visa

The TEFL/TESOL 180 teacher training certification course was amazing.  Whether I was having individual attention or in a group, the course gave me the tools and confidence I needed to be a great teacher to future students, no matter what age and level.  I was even offered a position with CA Institute and given hands on training and visuals for class management.  I highly recommend this awesome program. 

Andrew Hoffman

English Teacher, CA Institute


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This course is available online or face-to-face in Costa Mesa, California or in Brno, Czech Republic


Basic Tuition

Tuition + Hard Copy of Coursebook

(Includes workbook) 

Brno, CZ Campus or online:

25,050 CZK

Costa Mesa, CA Campus:

$1,950 USD

Full Tuition

Tuition + Hard Copy of Coursebook + Online CPD Course on finding a job

(Includes workbook)

Brno, CZ campus or online:

29,049 CZK

Costa Mesa, CA campus:

$2,150 USD


Tuition + Hard Copy of Coursebook & Workbook

June 1, 2024

Brno, CZ Campus or online:

23,545 CZK

Costa Mesa, CA Campus:

$1,750 USD