Intensive Courses

Speed up the learning process by  taking one of our intensive courses

Sign up for the course today and start it on the following Monday. Our courses run all year round. So it doesn’t matter when you sign up, we will always have space for you!

 If you would like to find out what your level is according to the CEFR, please have a look at our page detailing the CEFR Levels.

You can also find out more about your CEFR level by taking an online placement test here and we will get back to you with your results.

 We can assist you with accommodation and your travel arrangements.

 For further information about these courses, please contact one of our administrators.

Intensive Group Course (minimum 3 students)


20×50 min/week

25×50 min/week 30×50 min/week
One week 5,900 CZK 7,250 CZK 8,550 CZK
Two weeks 11,600 CZK 14,250 CZK 16,800 CZK
Three weeks 17,100 CZK 21,000 CZK 24,750 CZK
Four weeks 22,400 CZK 27,500 CZK 32,400 CZK

Intensive Group/One-to-One Course (Split evenly)

  20×50 min/week 25×50 min/week 30×50 min/week
One week 8,500 CZK 10,625 CZK 12,750 CZK
Two weeks 17,000 CZK 21,250 CZK 25,500 CZK
Three weeks 25,500 CZK 31,875 CZK 38,250 CZK
Four weeks 34,000 CZK 42,500 CZK 51,000 CZK

Intensive One-to-One Course

  20×50 min/week 25×50 min/week 30×50 min/week
One week 10,100 CZK 12,625 CZK 15,150 CZK
Two weeks 20,200 CZK 25,250 CZK 30,300 CZK
Three weeks 30,300 CZK 37,875 CZK 45,450 CZK
Four weeks 40,400 CZK 50,500 CZK 60,600 CZK