IDRAC Business School off-site campus


CA Institute is home to IDRAC Business School. We provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs all in English.

Part of our philosophy is that we enable our students to navigate the professional world so that they can learn more about themselves, find their strengths and unlock their potential for leading extraordinary careers.

We give our students our students insight into the realities of the corporate world. Choosing to attend an IDRAC Business School also means choosing a different approach to learning and to meeting future career challenges.

IDRAC has campuses in 10 cities in France – Amiens, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, and Toulouse. The offsite campuses are in Cork, Ireland; Santander, Spain; and Brno, Czech Republic.

Key points:

  • In operation since 1965.
  • International staff and faculty.
  • Dual degrees.
  • Over 600 instructors.
  • ECTS credits.
  • 20,000 alumni.
  • 6000 students.

IDRAC’s strength lies in its combination of lecture and hands-on learning. Our international programs include:

Foundation Program

  • This one-year program is taught in English and guides foreign students in making the best possible choices for their future education. 
  • Individualized coaching sessions and basic business courses are conducted at both theoretical and practical levels.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing

  • This three-year program provides students with a unique combination of theoretical and practical skills.
  • Students learn to design, develop, and manage marketing and business development.
  • All years are taught entirely in English.

Master’s Degree in Management

  • This five-year program is designed for tomorrow’s leaders of international organizations.
  • 18 months of field experience and 18 months spent abroad. Students acquire management tools and discover the world.
  • All years are taught entirely in English.

Specialized Master’s Degree

  • This two-year program develops students’ leadership and management skills to transform them into tomorrow’s business leaders with expertise in a wide range of fields.
  • Avalable majors: Marketing, Entreprenuership, Finance, Communication, International Development, Business Development, e-commerce, Big Data Analysis.
  • This one-year degree course is taught entirely in English.