Your Mandarin Starts Here

OCT (Oral Chinese Test) is the only official online Mandarin test certified by Confucius Institute Headquarters. With the use of AI technology, OCT helps evaluate learners’ Mandarin Chinese competency in academic and workplace environment with high efficiency and anytime, anywhere assessment.

8-Level Framework

OCT provides Mandarin learners a step by step oral ability assessment to evaluate their listening and speaking proficiency.

The [Beginner], [Progressive], and [Intermediate] stage are suitable for beginner to intermediate learners. [Application] stage uses a more integrated assessment standard to accurately reflect learners’ Mandarin competency on various industries.

OCT [Application] stage has more than 10 career-oriented assessments that enable a more focused and effective evaluation of learners’ Mandarin competency in workplace.

Currently available categories are [Accounting], [Advanced Communication], [Airline Services], [Applied Communication], [Banking], [Food and Beverage], [Hotel], [Insurance], [Investment and Finance], [Real Estate], [Retailing], and [Trade and Commerce].

International Standards

OCT levels align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and connect seamlessly with Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi (HSKK). Level 1 to 6 of OCT corresponds to the Primary level of HSKK. Level 7 to 8 corresponds to HSKK Intermediate level.

Target Participants

OCT provides teenage and adult learners an easy start. Students and teachers can have a clearer and more focused study or teaching plan based on OCT’s six-dimensional analytical Competency Report. For workplace learners, OCT helps them to achieve their corporate Mandarin Chinese standard and benchmark.

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