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Bienvenue A CA Institute

Une ambiance chaleureuse et une éducation personnalisée

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Depuis la création de CA Institute en 1997, notre mission d’offrir une éducation personnalisée dans un cadre moderne et interculturel est restée la même. Notre objectif est de développer les compétences de chacun à communiquer efficacement ainsi que de proposer un service de qualité dans un environnement accueillant et amical.

Come see why we are the global leaders in connecting you with the world!

<a name="welcome"></a>
CA Institute met the high standards required for Eaquals accreditation. The teaching, the course programs, as well as the course organization, the learning resources, testing and evaluation were all judged to be of high quality. It was found that the institution takes great care to protect the welfare of its clients and staff, and all publicity materials produced by the institution are accurate and truthful.

Teacher Training

TEFL/TESOL 180 Initial Teacher Training Graduates

Assessment Center

Internationally recognized exams

Upcoming events

  • Movie nights in Eng w/ Eng Subtitles on Mondays at 6pm RSVP
  • Book club on Thursdays @ 5pm
  • Open House on 9 May all day
  • Summer English Camps for Young Learners – CA Institute has TALENT – 2-6 July and 6-10 August
  • Intensive summer courses for teenagers July 16 – 20 and August 13 -17
  • International Language Symposium 6-8 June 2019 at Hotel International Brno


  • Sign up for a TEFL/TESOL course and get 10% off.
  • Free English – taster session, free of charge, 9 May @ 6pm
  • Gift Certificates 5% off all courses!


April 2018

We are GDPR ready!

Erik Dostal and Katerina Keplova presenting “Happy Staff, Happy Life” at the Eaquals International Conference in Prague and more.. Check out the full version of our April Newsletter.

March 2018

Spring is all around us and we are already prepping for the summer.

Check out the full version of our Spring Newsletter.

January 2018 #2

Even though it has only been a few weeks since our last newsletter, our growth made it necessary for us to share more with you! Check out the full version of our January Newsletter #2.

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