Horticulture Semester 

Grow Like a Pro from Seed to Harvest

Welcome to CA Institute’s Horticulture program. It is designed for anyone looking to learn everything from seed to harvest. Our courses will begin with cultivation law, giving you the opportunity to learn about the law as it pertains to growing, ensuring that you operate safely and responsibly. Our Horticulture Faculty is comprised of industry leaders, expert practitioners, and professional indoor & outdoor growers with decades of experience. 

Our Horticulture semester and seminars are fully equipped with labs for our team of top doctors, scientists and professors to conduct their research and teach students about the business. 

Releaf Social Enterprise  was established earlier this year to work side by side with CA Institute.  The idea behind it is to educate patients on the benefits of cannabis consumption. Releaf Social Enterprise offers only top-grade cannabis products.

Hands-on Education

Learn & work directly with cannabis plants in all stages of growth in our horticulture facility right in CA Instiute!

Cultivation Law

Learn how to grow & operate legally and responsibly.

Cultivation Lab

Every class is accompanied by a hands-on lab with live cannabis plants and various types of cultivation equipment

Seed to Harvest

Learn everything you’ll need to know to grow cannabis from seed to harvest!

Build & Optimize

Learn to design and build your own grow tent, room, greenhouse, and how to optimize your garden & yield

Q&A Troubleshooting

Consult with our Horticulture Faculty & Staff to get your questions answered by professional cultivators and attorneys

 Horticulture Semester 

We are the leaders in the field have started our development in Humbold County, California back in the 90’s. CA Institute (the CA stands for California) brought know-how to the heart of Central Europe. Brno, Czech Republic was always a hotspot for cannabis. We have grown to become doctors and researchers in the field and have set out to open the very first University of this kind in Europe.

The Horticulture semester covers the following and counts for 45 ECTS units:

  • Politics and History of Cannabis
  • Czech and EU Laws
  • Horticulure 1: Growing Safely and Responsibly
  • Horticulture 2: Going Commercial – New topics include seed germination, clone/cutting production, and examples of automatic systems and CO2 systems. This class takes your grow to a larger scale, or commercial cultivation, and offers tips and tricks to maximize your productivity.
  • Equipment
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Cannabis Plant
  • Seeds and Cuttings
  • Lab – Seedlings, Transplanting and Topping
  • Lab – Mothers and Cuttings
  • Vegetative Growth
  • Mediums
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Electrical Safety and Loading Calculations
  • Nutrients and pH
  • Lab – Nutrients and pH: Measuring, Mixing and Adjusting
  • Nutrient Disorders
  • Lab – Sprays, Drenches and Compost Teas
  • Pests and Pathogens – Prevention and Treatment
  • CO2 Supplementation
  • Organic Gardening
  • Plant Propogation
  • Soil Science and Organics
  • Life Cycle Fundamentals
  • Strain Selection
  • Site Selection
  • Methods of Irrigation
  • Sustainability
  • Land Preparation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Conditions for Optimal Growth
  • Veganics
  • Harvesting Strategies
  • Early Flowering
  • Lab – Manicuring, Drying, and Curing
  • Late Flowering

During your Horticulture progam you will assist with  grow our CBD plants for CA Institute

Horticulture Semester

The Horticulture Semester is 14 weeks long consisting of 9 weeks of indoor and 5 weeks of outdoor horticulture.

Our Horticulture Semester provides the most comprehensive indoor and outdoor horticultural education & training available for the Cannabis Industry. Classes consist of slide presentations, lectures, demos, and hands-on workshops led by industry leaders and professional growers. Classes also include DIY  projects opportunities that will help you develop your personal goals in both small and large-scale settings.

Semester students will be provided ample time for Q&A interaction with our with our expert instructors comprised of industry leaders, attorneys, business owners, professional growers and extractors.

Labs are run by our knowledgeable horticulture techs and will be an extension of the hands-on labs in your structured Horticulture semester classes. Each Friday lab will vary in content, usually following along with the curriculum from the previous day. Attending labs gives you the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions you may have and let the freshly acquired knowledge soak in.

Tuition for the Horticulture Semester and Seminars

January 2020

Horticulture Semester Tuition

14 Weeks

48,790 CZK

Seminar Tuition

5 Days

28,155 CZK

Discounted Tuition

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