Why choose CA Institute

Be sure of the highest standarDs

At an Eaquals-accredited centre such as CA Institute, you can be sure that every aspect of your learning experience will meet your highest expectations.

When you learn another language, it is important to choose an expert school, which treats students and staff with complete care and professionalism. Many language schools make sure they maintain the highest standards by applying to be accredited by Eaquals, the
world’s leading professional association for language education.

  • Eaquals-accredited institutions have to pass a demanding inspection, which checks all the services that they provide for their learners.
  • Eaquals inspections focus on the school-inaction – the overall quality of the student experience – not just on systems and processes.

What you can expect

The Eaquals inspection is based on public charters – promises and guarantees that accredited schools make to their learners. In an Eaquals
accredited centre you can expect:

  • well qualified teachers
  • effective and enjoyable teaching
  • a clearly defined learning programme
  • accurate and meaningful assessment
  • suitable premises and resources
  • efficient arrangements for student welfare and out-of-class services
  • clear, accurate and complete information about the services on offer.

In addition, there will be a commitment to professional conduct and integrity, value for money, fair dealing, health and safety, and tolerance and respect for all. With a total commitment to excellence, Eaquals also provides independent channels through which you can pursue any complaints.

What does this mean for you?

Remember – all Eaquals-accredited centres undergo a thorough inspection by independent inspectors every four years. All aspects are rigorously checked and verified, which means you can rest assured that an Eaquals school is committed to providing the best possible language education and learning experience.

 Your best possible learning experience.

Eaquals-accredited institutions meet the highest standards in all of the most important areas of language education:


  • Teaching is effective, well-planned and enjoyable, and teachers are well-qualified and have access to extensive teaching resources.
  • There is a tried and tested teaching and learning system and a clearly defined course program which can provide consistently positive learner outcomes.
  • Eaquals’ quality standards are specifically designed for language teaching. The quality of the overall experience of learners is their main focus.
  • All information published by an Eaquals-accredited school, either in brochures or on the internet, is carefully checked to make sure it is clear, accurate and complete.
  • Eaquals makes sure that all of its accredited schools meet any necessary legal requirements. Most Eaquals schools are also accredited by national agencies; accreditation by Eaquals shows their additional commitment to excellence.

So when you are looking for your next language course, make sure you choose an Eaquals-accredited centre! View brochure here.